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Wellness, A dynamic process of change and growth.

About Us

Nu Vida Wellness is the brainchild of biokineticist Riana Mong with her BA (HMS) MA through the University of Pretoria. Riana’s discovery of the power of movement, individualised exercise programmes, positive reinforcement and guidance to help you, her client, make the most of your mind and body has kept her actively involved in disease management programs since 2003. She has organised a variety of wellness days and established service provider networks for various wellness companies. Her assistance through Nu Vida Wellness in the establishment of wellness programs at tertiary institutes from 2012 to date is visionary in its creation of a younger generation’s progression to a healthy lifestyle.


Nu Vida means “New Life” a principal that stretches far beyond a name. We at Nu Vida Wellness strive to assist and empower individuals diagnosed with or at risk of contracting lifestyle diseases, helping them achieve the changes that will assist them in experiencing new life. We facilitate a mind shift showing our clients that they are not victims of circumstance but are instead in charge of their own decisions regarding their lifestyle.



Nu Vida manages patients with lifestyle diseases on an individual basis with the main focus on exercise as a medium to minimise the risk factors associated with their specific disease and improve their standard of life.

We aim to continuously improve on the methods and strategies we use to assist our patients. Our priority being on the use of up to date information from various fields of expertise such as nutrition, biokinetics and wellness in general to ensure that we offer the best possible service to our clients.